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As health care professionals, we are embracing a broader perspective on what health means through each stage of a woman’s life. Looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects, it is now possible to co-create a specialized strategy to manage your health care needs. With this innovative approach, women are now assuming greater control over their lives. We look forward to providing you with the best that conventional and integrative medicine has to offer.

Holistic by nature, we specialize in all areas of gynecology, with particular expertise in perimenopause, menopause, osteoporosis, and natural hormones. We listen attentively, and our patients’ personal values and choices are always respected.


We are wheelchair accessible and parking is available.



About Cece


Cecilia (Cece) Huffnagle is an RN and Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years of experience helping women take charge of their personal health. Cece has practiced as a Certified Women’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner in both hospital and clinical settings. Cece was co-creator and co-owner of Wellspring For Women in Boulder, Colorado, and now has her practice in Denver.

A graduate of Philadelphia’s Temple University, Cece earned a second degree from Denver’s Regis University. She concurrently created, developed and implemented one of Colorado’s first and most comprehensive women’s health education programs at a leading western slope medical center. After returning to the Denver area, Cece coordinated a program for a woman’s center at a major medical facility, provided health care consulting and spoke to scores of gatherings about life changes and choices.

She was a member of the Colorado State Osteoporosis Prevention Team which provided continuing education for health care professionals. Cece has spent a significant amount of time studying spirituality to further her expertise in the mind/body connection to best help her patients reach a higher level of good health.

Cece’s work in women’s health care has taken her before TV cameras and radio microphones, to audiences large and small, and into the lives of women throughout the country.

In her private practice, Cece offers a blend of traditional and non-traditional interventions with an emphasis on natural hormone therapies. As women enter into the menopausal stages of life, Cece co-creates a treatment plan that respects each woman’s individuality. Nutrition, diet and life stresses are addressed as each client presents her own unique concerns. This partnership is one of the many things that sets Cece apart. Cece’s interests include adolescents, contraceptive counseling, PMS, perimenopause, menopause, osteoporosis, gynecological exams and a wide variety of women’s health concerns. As a wife and mother of two grown daughters, she is able to offer personal insights that complement professional knowledge. Cece’s warmth offers a supportive place for women to openly discuss their health concerns.

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