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What types of issues do you deal with?

What kinds of insurance do you take?

Who is your physician?

Can I fill out any forms before my first visit?

What if I cannot get to Denver?

How do I get to Cece’s place?

Why do we recommend taking nutritional supplements?



What types of issues….
Cece’s expertise is in all kinds of Women’s Health Issues, from first exams to post menopausal issues. She also helps women to find the balance in their lives, in a nurturing environment. No matter what challenge you may be facing, Cece may be a resource to help. Heleen, her assistant, is always available to answer any questions you may have, about becoming a patient, how the office works, or anything else you may be unsure about. It’s always good to call, ask, we may be able to help.

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Our practice does not file any insurance. If you have out of network coverage, it is a good idea to call your carrier to see if you are eligible to receive any money back from your visit. Payment is due at the time service is rendered, and we take VISA, MasterCard and Discover. We do supply you with a Superbill, which has your diagnosis and treatment codes filled out for you, so you can file the claim if you desire.
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Who’s your physician…
Our consulting physician is Jan Shepherd, MD. Jan is an OB-Gyn who specializes in Women’s Issues. She writes and lectures across the country on Women’s Health Care.

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Can I fill out any forms…..
You can download the patient medical information form from this website. We can also mail them to you if you prefer. Your completed forms may be faxed (fax: 303-830-9398) or mailed back if you are a phone consultation patient, or you may bring them with you the day of your appointment if you come to see us in Denver.
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How do I get there….
If you live far from Denver, you are always welcome to do phone appointments. These serve those who cannot be here in person. Many problems can be solved by phone, and any tests that need to be done, we will refer you to someone in your local area to perform. If you come to see us, click on directions, and pull up the map. We are happy to give directions by phone as well.
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